Datafy Team Favorites – August 2019

Special Edition - Intern Favorites

August already? It feels like summer just started. For most, August is a month where we squeeze end-of-summer activities (because 3 months of summer is FAR too little) and vacations. It’s also a great month to do some summer cleaning around the office and get organized for the busy season that’s upon us. Our marketing team is getting ready for the healthcare conferences lined up for the fall season, such as Connected Health and HLTH

The summer is also a good time to get to know your interns. This summer we’ve had the pleasure of working with 3 smart and passionate interns who have all seamlessly worn multiple different hats throughout their time here. As always, we sponsored an All Stars Project, DSY summer intern as well. We found it only appropriate to give them the spotlight for this month’s Team Favorites edition. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Netflix

Segi, a rising sophomore engineering major, has recently started watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. The show is based out of a collection of books, so she is simultaneously reading those as well. “It's fun to see what elements from the book do or don't show up on the streaming series,” Segi comments. The series is kind of sad, but pretty funny and entertaining as well. 


Playing God - Radiolab

Joseph, a rising Computer Engineering senior at NJIT,  has been listening to a podcast for his Engineering Ethics course this summer. It was a Radiolab podcast called Playing God. He enjoyed this podcast because of the interesting topics that it brought to light, such as a hospital struggling to stay functional during Hurricane Katrina. The doctors encountered many unexpected moral dilemmas that made them question their ethos. There were individuals in a situations that were either too difficult (or impossible) to safely evacuate when rescue arrived, such as a patient that weighed over 300 pounds who was not able to get up or walk on his own, or an older woman with terminal cancer. Some patients were not capable of leaving the building with everyone else when rescue arrived. Ethically speaking, a doctor's job is to save lives, but what if by keeping the patients alive, they are prolonging their suffering? Some would argue that it is better to save the patients from further suffering if there is no way they can be saved? It's a scary decision for anyone to make and it was very interesting hearing how different individuals behaved under the circumstances.

The Boys - Amazon Prime TV

Jared, a rising Computer Science junior at Colgate, watched an Amazon Prime TV show recently called ‘The Boys,’ and he absolutely loved every minute of it. The plot is around the scenario of, ‘what if superheroes were here in America and were used as political pawns by a huge corporation?’ It’s extremely funny; the action and comic-book violence are really well done. A very high-quality show and he can’t wait for season 2!

Thanks for joining us for this month’s Team Favorites. We wish our interns luck in this upcoming school year and in their future endeavors!

Check back next month for another set Team Favorites. Got a TV show you think should be on this list? Send it to us on Twitter or comment below. Happy listening!