Datafy Team Favorites — April 2019

Astronomically Ambitious Missions and Digital Health - Steebs Tapia’s Favorites

April is a special month to those in the healthcare industry. World Health Day,a global health awareness day, celebrated on April 7th brings us together to remind us of our core mission: healthcare for all. That mission especially resonates with Datafy as we strive to speed time-to-market of life-saving advancements. Additionally, (and unrelated) it is our Marketing Associate, Steebs Tapia’s birthday in April and naturally, we’d like to give this month’s Team Favorites to her.

Steebs has been listening to a few self-help podcasts that are geared towards a millennial audience tackling topics such as personal finance and mindset shifting from scarcity to one of abundance. In the healthcare space of things, she’s been listening to Code Red, the HIMSS podcast that explores information security in healthcare.

teach me how to money.jpg

Ep. 037: Teach Me To Do a “Money Cleanse”- Teach Me How To Money

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, a money coach and “financial nutritionist” and the author of the 30 Day Money Cleanse, believes that taking care of one’s money is similar to taking care of one’s body. It’s all about resetting and create new and possible habits, whether it comes to your weight or your wallet.

But while crash diets can lead to failures, the same can go for austerity measures. Subtle changes can make a big difference over time. Check out this episode to find tips on how to find the right balance.

SC_Episode 22.png

Ep. #22: Becoming Astronomically Ambitious with Naveen Jain - Young and Profiting Podcast

Naveen Jain, founder & CEO of Viome and former CEO of Infospace, ‘yaps’ about moonshots or astronomically ambitious projects that address a huge problem, propose a radical solution and use breakthrough technology to achieve the goal.

Tune in to this episode to learn why we need to shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, how to become more imaginative and open to possibilities, and hear Naveen’s amazing vision for the future of energy, health, AI and more!


Episode #16: How Security Impacts the Patient Experience - Code Red: HIMSS’ Cybersecurity Podcast

Dan Dodson, President of Fortified Health Security discusses how to better manage the way security is perceived by customers and staff as well as the tricky area of demonstrating ROI on security.

Is there a relationship between security and the patient experience? Do patients and their families notice security issues when they’re in contact with our clinicians and staff? Does it matter? Tune in to find some answers!



Check back next month for another set Team Favorites. Got a podcast you think should be on this list? Send it to us on Twitter or comment below. Happy listening!