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Accelerate Innovation with Streamlined Vendor Security Assessments

About Us

The path to healthcare innovation has never been more complex. But when partner companies collaborate using Datafy, the entire healthcare ecosystem benefits.

Datafy cuts through the challenges that providers face assessing the security of hundreds of technology vendors each year.

For vendors, Datafy simplifies the process, which is often confusing, labor-intensive and different for each provider.

With the help of Datafy, everyone can easily fulfill compliance requirements, ensure data privacy and bring life-saving advancements to market sooner.


Our Team


David Barnett


Steebs Tapia

Marketing Associate

Gregg Alwine


Andrew Gansler

Chief Product Officer


The core values of Datafy as an organization can be distilled into a single word: PURE. Within its letters, we find ideas that evoke the integrity we strive for each day. The word PURE—and the words that arise from it—speaks to the dedication and resolve with which we conduct ourselves professionally.



In everything we do, we act with commitment and unwavering focus. We seek the most efficient, deliberate path toward our goals, because we understand the significance involved in achieving them.


We believe that innovation is born from a broad array of distinctive ideas and perspectives. In our staff and in our partnerships, we seek diversity in backgrounds and experience.


In our day-to-day actions, we hold ourselves accountable to each other, to our customers, and to our larger community. Each decision is weighed not only on its business value, but its human impact.


Throughout our organization, we foster a sense of enthusiasm for our mission, our colleagues, and our individual roles. From this dynamic environment springs the passion and ingenuity to create change.