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Streamline Vendor Healthcare Security Assessments

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Gain certainty about your vendors, faster

Datafy simplifies your vendor oversight process. This powerful SaaS application standardizes and automated workflows that gather information about your vendors’ compliance and security programs.

Datafy was developed to alleviate the burden of manually managing vendor compliance within your organization. Its sophisticated design replaces the commonplace spreadsheet questionnaire with an interactive and powerful interface that speeds response times and increases accuracy of gathered information.


Ask the Right Questions

A Datafy expert will quickly customize the application to your specific needs using our extensive best practice library.


Collect Responses

Automatically send each vendor a unique link to a survey-like interface that guides the information gathering process.


Easily Keep Track

Monitor progress, view company scores, read attachments and see aggregate analytics through an intuitive admin dashboard.


Make Better Decisions

Objectively identify vendors that meet requirements and qualify for high-sensitivity tech/data access—and those that don’t.

With Datafy, you’ll reduce the burden of manually managing vendor compliance. Instead of a complex spreadsheet questionnaire, you’ll get a dynamic, interactive interface that speeds responses and increases the accuracy of collected information.