Healthcare IT Assessment Marketplace

The first platform for vendors and providers to securely collaborate on a standardized security assessment.


About Datafy

The path to healthcare innovation has never been more complex. But when partner companies collaborate using Datafy, the entire healthcare ecosystem benefits. Datafy cuts through the challenges that providers face assessing the security of hundreds of technology vendors each year. For vendors, Datafy simplifies the process, which is often confusing, labor-intensive and different for each provider. With the help of Datafy, everyone can easily fulfill compliance requirements, ensure data privacy and bring life-saving advancements to market sooner.


Healthcare Providers

  • Speed implementation of new initiatives

  • Reduce compliance costs

  • Comply with mandated risk management standards

  • Lower financial and reputational risk associated with security issues


Speed time-to-market of life saving innovation

noun_Workflow_365795 (1).png

Increase efficiency with streamlined workflows


Meet complex regulatory requirements that protect patient data

Vendor Companies

  • Enter information once and share with many providers

  • Decrease time-to-market of lifesaving treatments

  • Save time and money navigating requirements

  • Automate customer communications


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